Social Care Code of Practice for International Recruitment

Welcome to the Social Care Code of Practice for International Recruitment

Principles and practice

The social care workforce in England numbers around one million workers and 95,000 were born outside the UK. The sector will continue to rely on recruitment of overseas workers to make sure that social care services can continue to provide essential support for children and adults in need throughout England.

Experience has shown that there is a need for clear guidance about the ethical and practical issues which arise from overseas recruitment

The IR Code provides:

Support for workers is provided by ensuring that appropriate information is provided in advance so that they can make informed decisions about employment and by making explicit the support they need from employers to practice effectively and safely.

The IR Code is one of a number of similar codes, for example the Department of Health Code of Practice for Healthcare professionals and the Department for Education and Skills protocol on recruitment of Commonwealth teachers.

Social care employers have been closely involved in the development of the IR Code and guidance which has been endorsed by stakeholders across the social care sector.


New recommended list of skill shortages for the UK is published

New recommended lists of occupations for which there is a shortage of skilled workers in the UK and Scotland were published  on 9 September 2008 by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), as part of the Committee’s first major report. This list includes senior care workers.

Click here to download the recommended lists of occupations.


The Social Care Code of Practice for International Recruitment has been endorsed by: